Damon Philosophy

The Damon® System is an orthodontic treatment system and philosophy that has totally revolutionized the way Dr. Ostler treats his patients. This system features brackets (braces) that use a passive slide mechanism to maintain archwires within the bracket, allowing them to move more freely. This reduces friction and binding that is usually present as teeth move along the archwire during tooth alignment. This means the teeth are able to move faster and with less forces applied by the archwire.

The difference that we at Ostler Orthodontics notice the most with this system is the ability to create more beautiful smiles which enhance facial aesthetics in less time than ever before. Because the force application is able to be delivered continuously, a lighter force is needed, and in turn, the biology of tooth movement is maximized.

Children, teens and adults respond equally as well with this new system. We are sure you will be impressed with what orthodontics can do for you.

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